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Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing. 1902.  | 4TIFIED
Originally known as Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, 3M Started as a small mining firm in Minnesota. set out to harvest corundum in the Crystal Bay mine, What was thought to be their money-maker ended up being a worthless abrasive. But like true entrepreneurs, they did not give up. Now responsible for over 60,000 products used in everyday life, 3M is a global leader in quality products and materials. Their products are tested and proven. There is no substitute and that is why 4TIFIED uses only 3M vinyl. Pure quality from a company born right here in the uSA.

we measure, we produce, we test. if it does not meet our expectations, we measure, produce and test again. located in central florida, 4TIFIED is a small company dedicated to bringing it's customers both quality products and headache-free service. enjoy free 1-5 day shipping included with every order(US Only).


Don't Buy Into The Hype! We use materials that are MADE for this.

While Other Companies Use Materials Made For Interior Decorating, We Use Genuine 3M Vinyl Made Specifically For Custom Vehicle Wrapping. The Same Quality Materials Used To Wrap Your Favorite Dream Cars. Those Custom Paint Jobs With Unheard Of Paint Colors? Yup. It's Most Likely 3M Vehicle Wrap.

At Approximately 0.09mm, Our Material Of Choice Is Able To Hug Every Corner And Curve And Actually STICK. It Was Made For This. Think Of Your Smartphone As A Mini Exotic Car. Just As Sophisticated And Cutting Edge. It Deserves The Best. That Other Stuff? Leave It For The Interior Decorators.

Thin Yet Powerful. Once Applied, Our Product Is Cut So Precise In All The Right Spots And Thin Enough To Even Retain The Pleasant "Cool To The Touch" Feeling When Picking Up Your Metal Smartphone. You Almost Wouldn't Be Able To Tell You Have A Custom Wrap Applied.

Although Heat Is Sometimes Recommended As A Final Step In Some Of Our Applications, It Is Not Required. If You Don't Heat "Their" Product, It Most Likely Ends Up Falling Off Like Cheap Wallpaper.

Do not be a victim. ignore the hypebeast.