S7 Edge Wrap | Brushed Blue Steel

S7 Edge Wrap | Brushed Blue Steel


Made with official 3M vinyl wrap. Durable, easy to apply, easy to clean. All 4TIFIED Skins contours to the grooves and curves of the Galaxy S7 Edge back for a "straight from the factory" appearance.

This is professional-grade material. Made specifically for wrapping vehicles/consumer goods.

No fake mock-ups. We use real images shot under various lighting to give you the best representation possible.

  • Bubble free pressure activation
  • No fading, cracking, peeling
  • Conform to device contours
  • Same material used to wrap vehicles
  • Ultra thin - hard for edges/corners to get caught on fabric
  • Genuine 3M Vinyl
  • Made In The USA

Contents: 1 Full Back Skin, 2 Top Front, 2 Front Bottom(1 with capacitive button cutout, 1 without) , 2x Camera Bezel Skins(1 color match, 1 matte deep black)

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